Mission and Scope

Founded by Johns Hopkins Medicine and leading professional medical societies, MedBiquitous is a not-for-profit, international group of professional associations, universities, commercial, and governmental organizations seeking to develop and promote technology standards for the health professions that advance lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and better patient outcomes. MedBiquitous is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop information technology standards supporting the health professions.

MedBiquitous members are creating a technology blueprint for advancing the health professions. Based on XML and Web services standards, this blueprint will weave together the many activities, organizations, and resources that support the ongoing education and improvement of healthcare professionals. Ultimately, this blueprint will seamlessly support the learner in ways that will improve patient outcomes and simplify the administrative work associated with lifelong learning and continuous improvement. Learn more about our mission.

Current MedBiquitous standards and development efforts include:

  • Activity Reporting - provides a common format for reporting professional education and certification related accomplishments
  • Competencies - provides a common format for representing a list of competencies relevant to a profession or specialty.
  • Curriculum Inventory - provides a common format for curriculum data for benchmarking and educational research.
  • Educational Achievment - provides a common format fro documenting learner competency and entrustment across the continuum of health professions education.
  • Educational Trajectory - supports the tracking, planning, and audit of learners’ educational trajectory across medical schools and national organizations.
  • Healthcare Learning Object Metadata - based on the IEEE standard, provides a standard way of describing healthcare educational resources and activities.
  • Medical Education Metrics (MEMS) - provides a common format for gathering and communicating evaluation data on healthcare education activities, including REMS CE activities.
  • Performance Framework - provides a common format for the expected levels of performance related to a competency framework
  • Professional Profile - provides a common format for exchanging clinician contact, education, training, certification, and membership information.
  • SCORM for Healthcare - a version of the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative's SCORM model for online learning that implements Healthcare Learning Object Metadata.
  • Virtual Patients - provides a common format for sharing interactive computer programs that simulate real life clinical scenarios for education and assessment purposes.

MedBiquitous XML specifications build on existing XML standards created by organizations like the World Wide Web Consortium, Oasis, HL7, IEEE, and the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative, but tailor them for healthcare education.

In accordance with ANSI requirements, MedBiquitous adheres to the principles of openness and due process for its standards development activities. Educators and industry alike collaborate to develop standards and exchange ideas about innovative uses of Web technologies for healthcare education and communities of practice.

Both non-profit organizations and corporations can join MedBiquitous. For more information, see Non-profit Membership and Corporate Membership.

The MedBiquitous Standards Committee, the consensus body for MedBiquitous ANSI Accredited Standards, is open to all materially affected parties.