Convey Global Disclosure System: a standards based system for financial disclosure

Convey is a new service of the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) that delivers a centralized, consistent, and complete financial interest disclosure system. Researchers, authors, faculty and medical practitioners spend countless hours filling out and submitting financial interest disclosures. Convey solves this problem by eliminating the need for individuals to re-enter their data each time they need to disclose to a different organization. As a global, user-controlled and interactive system, Convey can transmit the individual financial interest data to any participating organization or system. Medbiquitous has played a key role in helping create Convey’s capability of interoperability with other systems and its ability to be able to be technology/system agnostic when it comes to data transmissions. AAMC engaged Medbiquitous in 2014 to help create a standard data set and a standard data format to be able to meet the needs of the COI programs in the academic medicine world, nationally. In a few months, Medbiquitous brought together subject matter experts from across various sectors including academic medical centers, COI software vendors, CME providers, event management professionals, researchers, medical practitioners, etc. to put forth a data standard that could successfully help address the data needs of this industry and assisted this industry in taking the first step towards data standardization. Convey was release about an year ago for organizations to consume.  Currently we have the New England Journal of Medicine beginning to use the application for their authors to submit their disclosures thru, the Program in Medical Education at Harvard, as well as the Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene at Columbia University, and the University of Wisconsin.  The University of Wisconsin is working with their IT team to begin the work on the web integration between Convey and their internal systems.