An innovative visual display of active learning hours presented in a dashboard using Microsoft Excel

May 22, 2018 8:00 AM – 9:15 AM

Shaquana Sheppard, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Martin Penn, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Medical schools must meet a plethora of requirements in order to maintain accreditation. In addition to monitoring the number of hours for each course, we also need to manage the quality of the teaching so that we can provide our students with a valuable education. We created an interactive dashboard using data exported from our curriculum management system, one45, that enables course directors to easily see whether their course has achieved an internal benchmark associated with active learning hours. Interactive charts and icons are the data visualization tools that bring the numbers to life highlighting the positives and negatives.

This dashboard influences continuous quality improvement by allowing course directors to visualize where they can make changes to promote more active learning in their respective courses. It also enables the medical school’s senior deans to see how the school is performing longitudinally, year-over-year, or zero in on a specific course. This process allows us to see where in our curriculum we need to improve to further implement active learning. Our goal with using this data is to visually project the active learning aspect of our curriculum that will lead to improved teaching throughout our curriculum. More active learning enhances the student experience while in school and, in turn, creating graduates who are equipped with appropriate tools to become better doctors.