Corporate Membership

The MedBiquitous Consortium offers corporations a neutral forum for collaborating with educators and professional associations. Corporate members help to shape MedBiquitous standards while receiving the same voting rights as non-profit members. Corporate members are ensured a voice in the Consortium through industry representation on the Board of Directors.

Corporate members receive full access to MedBiquitous XML and Web services. Building on this technology, corporate members can transfer content and data, integrate applications, and provide Web services based on our technology blueprint, giving them the capability to collaborate with other organizations to provide more comprehensive information and resources to clinicians.

In addition, corporate members can:

  • Define technologies that enable new models for health professions education, assessment, and quality improvement.
  • Create technical standards that will shape the industry.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of technology development by understanding the efficiency and economies of scale possible through XML Web services.
  • Learn about evolving technical standards for e-learning and competency-based education and assessment.
  • Participate in creating standards that facilitate evaluation of internal and external educational activities.
  • Work directly with representatives of leading professional societies and other industry leaders to establish new e-enabled business processes.
  • Engage in a cooperative dialogue with other Industry players through neutral Consortium forums.
  • Initiate new standards development activities and shape the Consortium's direction.
  • Play a strategic role in innovating the health professions using information technologies.

Membership costs $4,000 for small corporations (US $15 million or less in annual revenue), $8,000 for midsized corporations (between US $15 and 50 million in annual revenue), and $18,000 for large corporations (more than US $50 million annual revenue).

Once an organization joins, its representatives may request to be appointed to MedBiquitous working groups. Members are updated on MedBiquitous activities through the MedBiquitous newsletter (subscribe).

Apply for membership in MedBiquitous Consortium.