MedBiquitous October 2011 Newsletter

Pronovost to Keynote MedBiquitous 2012

How can groups of clinicians work together to drive quality across an organization? And how can we support the type of continuous quality improvement that is essential in healthcare? That is the topic Dr. Peter Pronovost will explore in his keynote address on Clinical Communities at the MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2012, May 2-4 at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Winner of the 2008 MacArthur Fellowship "genius grant," Dr. Pronovost is Senior Vice President for Patient Safety and Quality and Director of the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Registration for the MedBiquitous Annual Conference will be available in December. For details, see

Call for Abstracts

Join colleagues from around the world in examining how learning technologies can transform health professions education across the continuum. The MedBiquitous Executive Committee is seeking high-quality abstracts for panel presentations and innovation demonstrations for the MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2012. The conference will take place May 2-4 at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD. We are seeking abstracts related to the following topics:

  • Educational technology research
  • Virtual patients and simulations
  • Electronic portfolios
  • E-learning repositories and content interchange
  • Data Exchange supporting professional development and certification
  • MedBiquitous standards implementation
  • Solutions for competence measurement and tracking

Abstracts are due November 1 and may be submitted online.

Please note that presenters are required to register for the conference by March 1.

Performance Frameworks: Implementing Competencies and Measuring Performance

Competency-based learning and assessment is increasingly being applied within health professions education at all levels across the continuum. An important component of competency-based learning is the concept of milestones, expected levels of performance related to a competency. The MedBiquitous Competency Working Group is beginning new work to create a technical standard for performance frameworks. This standard will facilitate the dissemination of performance frameworks and their implementation in curricula and performance assessment systems. Technical standards would also make it easier to connect assessments to performance and competencies and to communicate a learner’s level of competence in a specific area. For more information, see the Performance Framework Standards Development Proposal. If you are a member interested in participating in this work, contact us.

Keeping Up with an Evolving Profession: Professional Profile 2.0

Certification and licensure processes are evolving to ensure the ongoing competence of professionals. As the health professions self-regulation evolves, the MedBiquitous Professional Profile standard must evolve, too. The Professional Profile Working Group is updating the Professional Profile standard to reflect changes to certification, licensure, and credentials verification. This update will support the continued verification of professional credentials, an important component of ensuring that patients receive a high quality of care. For more information about the Professional Profile, see the Professional Profile Working Group page. If you are a member interested in participating in this work, contact us.

Upcoming Presentations

MedBiquitous members have several upcoming presentations describing projects implementing MedBiquitous standards and other important innovations. Look for us at these conferences and workshops!

AAMC Annual Meeting: Nov. 4-9, 2011, Denver, Colorado

Nov 6, 4 PM:AAMC Focus Session: Social Media: Friend or 'Frienemy' to the Profession of Medicine
Dr. Peter Greene, Executive Director, MedBiquitous is a panelist.

The transformative potential of social media for demonstrable practice and education improvement requires deliberate consideration of what an integrated internet-enabled society expects of the medical profession.

Nov 7, 2 PM and Nov 8, 1 PM: AAMC Educational Resources & Services Update
Robby Reynolds, Terri Cameron, and Michael Saleh, AAMC

This session will provide an overview of Educational Resources and Services (ERS), a new AAMC unit that will deliver new initiatives aimed at supporting the continuum of medical education and transforming educational delivery. Presentations include: MedAPS, consisting of the Curriculum Inventory Portal (CIP); ASSET, the Accreditation Standards Self-Evaluation Tool; and MAP – Medical Academic Performance Dashboard.

Nov 7, 3 PM: Update on eFolio Connector
Dr. Carol Aschenbrener, AAMC; Dr. Robert Galbraith, NBME; Dr. Kimberly Hoffman University of Missouri, and Dana Bostrum, AAMC

The AAMC and NBME have been exploring development of a highly secure infrastructure and suite of applications that would allow individual students and physicians to compile data sets that address important needs related to their continued learning and performance improvement.  This session will provide a status report on eFC project, with ample time for questions.

Nov 8, 1 PM: GEA/GSA Mini-workshop: Introducing Virtual Patients into the Curriculum – Authoring, Assessment, and Integration
Dr. J.B. McGee, M.D., University of Pittsburgh; Dr. Nancy Posel and Dr. David Fleiszer, McGill University; Susan Albright, Tufts University; Dr. Rosalyn Scott, Dayton Heart and Vascular Hospital.

Applying Virtual Patients (VP) to a health science curricula requires educators to make strategic decisions to support effective utilization, acceptance and sustainability. This workshop introduces theory, evidence, experience and specific skills and tools for faculty, administrators, and curricular designers to design, create, integrate, and implement VPs effectively.

Curriculum Transformation using Scenario Based Learning Workshop, 5-6th December 2011

St George’s University of London

The workshop will demonstrate scenario based learning in the form of interactive virtual patients and how they are used to transform medical and healthcare curricula. These tools can not only replace existing styles of learning used to teach knowledge based conventional learning, but also provide additional training opportunities in problem-solving, patient management and training against error. 


Membership Update

MedBiquitous is pleased to welcome Decision Simulation LLC (  as a new member. Decision Simulation develops, deploys and supports DecisionSim™, a system for creating computer-based, interactive clinical scenarios called virtual patients.