MedBiquitous June 2014 Newsletter

1. MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2014 Recap 

Many thanks to the speakers and participants who made the MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2014 such a success! Dr. David Nichols began the conference with a warm welcome to attendees, and Dr. Peter Greene followed with an update on MedBiquitous accomplishments, encouraging attendees to build the bridges necessary for collaboration and innovation. Dr. Catherine Lucey gave a riveting keynote about her experience as faculty for a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and the unique opportunities that the MOOC approach offers health professions educators. We then got to see technology in action during Innovation demonstrations, which covered a range of technologies from virtual worlds and virtual patient innovations to performance visualization and competency-based portfolios.
Participants continued the discussion over a "Birds of a Feather" lunch. After lunch, Dr. Jonathan Fryer presented how Northwestern and others are using streamlined mobile technologies to document resident progression towards independence in the operating room. Dr. Paul Sergeant followed with an overview of a distributed simulation-based learning approach to cardiac surgery skills training that has participants from 5 continents. Following a brief break, Drs. Eric Holmboe and Tim Willett lead the group in a discussion about tracking progression to competence and the cultural and pedagogical changes necessary to implement milestones for physician training. Dr. Peter Greene and Craig Wiggins followed with a discussion of how the Experience API (XAPI) experience tracking specification might support our evaluation goals. We may be, as David Topps described, "Dataholics," but to achieve our goals we need to capture the right data and have a common language for doing so. Our heads spinning with possibilities, we all headed to McCormick and Schmick's for a delightful dinner and award ceremony overlooking the harbor.
The second day began with outstanding panel sessions on virtual patients, e-portfolios, curriculum inventory and curriculum mapping, and infrastructures and frameworks for learning. We rejoined for the Philip Dodds Memorial Lecture from Dr. Manny Dominguez, who presented the VA Virtual Medical Center, an extraordinary virtual venue for patient and provider learning, patient care, and peer support.  Dr. Jack Kues, Joel Farrell, and Dr. Steve Clyman shared their take home messages with us and left us with some questions. How can faculty catch up with learners on the use of mobile technologies for learning? Can we get virtual patients and hybrid simulation experiences to the point of maturity where they become, in effect, boring? And have we created the infrastructure we need to improve both learning and clinical outcomes? The conference ended with an outstanding set of case studies and workshops on MOOCs, the AAMC Curriculum Inventory, informatics infrastructures for medical education, and Data Commons.
Many thanks to the speakers and participants who made the conference such a success!  We also wish to thank our sponsors:

Presentations are available through the agenda. You can also see the tweets from the conference.

2. MedBiquitous 2015: May 18-19, 2015 

Mark your calendars! The MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2015 will take place May 18-19 at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. 
Further announcements regarding abstract submission, registration, housing, and the program will be made via this newsletter mailing list. If you have colleagues that would be interested in participating, tell them to subscribe to our mailing list using the subscription form on our website.

3. Board of Directors Update

MedBiquitous welcomes Drs. Roy Ziegelstein and Amir Qaseem to the MedBiquitous Board of Directors. Dr. Ziegelstein is Vice Dean for Education at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he oversees the undergraduate, graduate, residency, postdoctoral and continuing medical education programs. Dr. Qaseem is the Director of the Department of Clinical Policy at the American College of Physicians. We are grateful to have their leadership and support!

4. And the Awards go to... Campbell and Willett!

MedBiquitous is pleased to announce the recipients of its Innovator and Leadership awards.

Innovator Award: Tim Willett, MD, MMEd
Dr. Willett is Director of Research and Development at Sim One, the Ontario simulation network , Member of the MedBiquitous Executive Committee and co-chair of the MedBiquitous Competencies Working Group. His insights and vision have been key to establishing both the MedBiquitous Competency Framework and the MedBiquitous Performance Framework, both of which hold great promise for transforming health professions education.

Leadership Award: Gabrielle Campbell, MBA, LLM
Ms. Campbell is Chief Services Officer, Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and Liaison and past director of the MedBiquitous Board of Directors. Her leadership has been and continues to be an important driver for change in MedBiquitous and beyond, and her vision for an infrastructure that enables data synthesis and access will have a positive impact on clinicians and the patients they serve for years to come.

Congratulations, Tim and Gabrielle, and thank you for all that you do! 

5. Capturing Learner Activity

MedBiquitous has launched an Experience API (XAPI) Interest Group to explore uses of the XAPI specification to track health professions education activities and learner performance with the goal of understanding the needs of health professions educators. See our wiki for more information, or contact us to participate.

6. Membership Update

MedBiquitous is pleased to welcome the following new members; the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), Data Commons, MedIQ Learning, and University of Calgary. AACP is the national organization representing pharmacy education in the United States and seeks to lead and partner with our members in advancing pharmacy education, research, scholarship, practice and service to improve societal health. Data Commons, LLC is a joint venture of leading organizations in medical education, licensure and certification that streamlines access to data about health professionals. MedIQ Learning produces medical student resources and state-of-the art study aids. University of Calgary is a comprehensive academic and research institution and one of Canada's leading next-generation universities.